Identifying a bed bug can be a daunting task since it changes it’s size, color and overall look depending on its maturity and the time of the day. Although many claims that bed bugs are not visible to the naked eye, this is absolutely not true. Well, not unless you’re trying to find them in the dark without any lights!

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

First, a newly hatched bed bug is translucent and light brown in color. It’s size changes as it grows and as it feeds through your blood. As it grows, the body becomes bigger and can reach up to 5 mm in length. A fully grown bed bug’s body is flat so as to make it easier for them to hide in tiny crevices. A mature bed bug can be identified as having reddish-brown and oval body. The body becomes redder as it feeds during the night due to the amount of blood visible through its translucent body. Bed bugs don’t move very fast so it’s even easier to catch one hiding underneath your mattress if you’ve been infested by bed bugs.

Generally, a female bed bug will lay up to 5 eggs in one go so if that’s not solved, you’ll be spotting more bed bugs as you move around inside your room. The eggs are also visible to naked eye, normally take up the length of 1mm and white in color. Bed bugs are a nocturnal creature so you’ll find them most active during the night, although you can occasionally find them during the daytime.

In general, you’ll mostly identify them in 3 forms: egg, nymph and adult. So if you’re house in infested, look out for the creepy crawlies with features described above.