Everyone has heard of bed bugs. So what is its specific definition?
bed bugs (or bed bugs) refer to small insects of the family Cimicidae. They have a variety of names, like wall louse,dragooncrimson rambler, heavy change, mahogany flat, redcoat etc.

Generally, it means the species that prefer to feed on human blood. The ones people are most worried are about those that live mainly off humans. In fact, its true definition is all insects in this family live on feeding specially on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

The name of ‘bed bug’ comes from this insect’s habitat that they prefer to live in the houses, especially beds or other areas where people sleep. They are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on the body of human or animals. They usually live under the mattresses, where they can easily find a food source. Once they find you, they will suck out blood for about five minutes. When you waked up feeling some itching, they have already safely been back in its home. They usually bite once a week or so. Even if they cannot find any human to bite, they won’t die in the short time, because they can live for a long time without feeding – usually six months, even sometimes more than a year.

Bed bugs can hide in all different places of your bedroom. Most of them hide in the mattress. However, they prefer to stay near where people sleep or furniture within its crawling distance. you can find them in all kinds of things, such as carpet, books, phones.

They aren’t actually dangerous for human, but their bites can cause skin irritation and rashes. You’d better get rid of them because they have a strong reproductive capacity. Each bug can lay four or five eggs a day. If you leave things alone, you have to face a pretty big batch of them.