When it comes to caring for your Bonsai tree there are a few common pitfalls you should avoid in order to maintain the health of your miniature tree.

The Leaves On Your Bonsai Tree

Depending on whether you Bonsai tree is deciduous or not will determine if it should naturally shred it leaves during autumn and the winter months. Obviously, if your Bonsai tree is an Evergreen then it should have leaves all year round

If you are concerned take a look at the color of the leaves. Generally speaking, if they are yellow in appearance and brittle to the touch this signifies a lack of water. If however they are yellow and falling you may find that you have been overwatering your Bonsai Tree.

Watering Your Bonsai Tree

Depending on its environment a Bonsai tree should be watered regularly. You should never let your Bonsai tree wither or become dehydrated. Similarly, your Bonsai tree should never be saturated with water. Therefore adequate drainage holes at the base of your Bonsai pot or container should be made available so as not to rot or damage the fragile root system. It’s a good ideal then to get into the habit of watering your Bonsai tree a little every day. Generally the soil should be moist, never dry and never saturated.

Bonsai Tree Pot Or Container

Your Bonsai Tree pot or container should be relative to the size of your tree. You don’t have to use a dedicated Bonsai tree pot or tray as these can be expensive, but its important to ensure the size is right for your type of tree. It’s best to steer clear of any pot or container that are internally glazed or shinny inside. These are renown for not being well suited to a growing a Bonsai tree.

Pruning Your Bonsai Tree

Don’t be afraid to prune your Bonsai tree when you want to control the way its growing. Pruning is good is what the art of Bonsai is all about. Just make sure that there is plenty of new growth occurring before you sculpt your tree. Any unwanted branches should be pruned using a sharp pair of secateurs and cut back to a bud. Any new branch will then take the direction the bud is facing, thereby enabling you to sculpt and shape your Bonsai tree exactly how you wanted.