When it comes to pruning a Bosai tree there are a few factors you need to be aware of before you give you miniature tree a quick haircut. Perhaps once the most important things you should consider is investing in a sharp pair of secateurs or gardening scissors. It’s extremely important that when you prune or shape your Bonsai tree that you make clean cuts to avoid any possible disease or infection.

If your Bonsai tree is getting too large, you can stump it’s growth by cutting or pinching the top out. This will not only cause your Bonsai tree to effectively stop growing vertically but will also cause it to get fuller.

When pruning branches, you should always cut back to a bud. By doing so, any new branches will follow the same direction as the bud. This is crucial when sculpting your Bonsai into a particular shape or pattern.

However, you shouldn’t be worried about pruning your Bonsai tree. Provided there are still plenty of buds capable of sustaining regrowth you won’t do any lasting damage. Any major pruning however should be carried out during spring when the leaves and branches are actively growing.

If you are just starting out, don’t be tempted to sculpt you Bonsai tree into some ornate or over-elaborate shape. Remember, the art of Bonsai should resemble nature as closely as possible. In this case less is usually so much more…

It’s also extremely important to consider root pruning. This should be done every couple of years or so, and a general rule of thumb would be to cut back about one third of the root ball before re-potting. You will obviously need to expose the roots of your Bonsai tree to do this, and an ice-cream stick will make this job a little easier, and less messy when teasing the roots from the soil.

It’s worth mentioning here not to make your Bonsai tree either top or bottom heavy. Remember the root system is the life blood of your Bonsai tree. So if you trim the roots and not the branches the tree may not be able to receive sufficient nutrients to remain healthy. Therefore, it’s a good idea when doing any major pruning to trim both the roots and branches together.