What Are Bed Bugs?

Everyone has heard of bed bugs. So what is its specific definition? bed bugs (or bed bugs) refer to small insects of the family Cimicidae. They have a variety of names, like wall louse,dragooncrimson rambler, heavy change, mahogany flat, redcoat etc. Generally, it means the species that prefer to feed on human blood. The ones […]

Bed Bug Bites – Aftermath

Do you know what happens when bed bug bites? During feeding, these creatures use two hollow tubes on their heads to do two different things simultaneously, ONE: blood sucking and TWO: injecting their saliva which contains *anticoagulants and * anesthetic into the skin of their host. Therefore, they might not result in immediate pain or […]

Bed Bugs Behaviour

Now that we know what do bed bugs look like and how to get rid of them, we might want to know a little bit more about how these ‘bad bugs’ behave. The common bed bug we have in our houses (well if we do that is), is Cimex Lectularius which is very good at […]

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Identifying a bed bug can be a daunting task since it changes it’s size, color and overall look depending on its maturity and the time of the day. Although many claims that bed bugs are not visible to the naked eye, this is absolutely not true. Well, not unless you’re trying to find them in […]