With today’s families more and more frequently living greater distances apart, it may no longer be a simple thing to remember birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. While we want to stay in touch, and let those we love know that we are thinking of them, it is not always easy to shop, find a gift, and mail it. Green plants can be ordered and paid for online, and delivered across the country in time for your loved ones to know that you miss them and remember their special days, and many times same day delivery is offered.

Giving house plants is a great thing, and can remain living reminders of your thoughtfulness and love for a lifetime. Whether you want to send live plants, floral arrangements, or a neat package of different seeds and gardening tools, this is a great gift idea for people of all ages. What a great way to teach children about growing things, by letting them learn about nature, and our responsibility to nurture our planet, though planting and growing.

Simple, easy to grow house plants that flower, are good choices for children, but an even better choice might be to help your children grow vegetables! You will be surprised at how much better they think vegetables taste, when they are the gardeners who grew them.

A perfect plant to send to a new couple, someone who has had a recent job change, a college graduate who might have moved to pursue a career, or someone with a new baby, is a bamboo plant. Bamboo plants are lovely, with their easily recognizable stems, and beautiful green tops, but they are also symbols of good luck!

Another good choice for a first house plant that’s functional as well as hardy and easy to grow is the aloe vera plant. It has a multitude of medicinal uses, and is beautiful as well. Just remember to think green for the perfect gift!