Gardens have been around since a long time, although recent developments have introduced many intuitive ideas for designing wonderful gardens. For example, a combination of concrete bricks and vinyl fencing is enough to create a garden worth admiring.

Garden designs have been split into two types in modern days: informal and formal gardens. In some cases it can be hard to establish the difference between the two types.

Formal Garden – Oriental

Oriental gardens may seem very informal at first but that is not the case. These gardens are very formal and they use the space available for different elements with care and purpose. In many opinions oriental garden is seen as the ultimate of beauty and style. The mixture of stones, plants and water are carefully picked to highlight the different areas that are within the garden. Everything that is chosen has meaning attached to it. And finally another feature of this type of garden is that nothing is overdone, it is kept as it is likely to be found in naturally.


An alternative type of formal garden is the Paradise garden, which came from Islamic history. This is built keeping in mind on thing which is to stimulate all five of our sense. For example you will hear the water running down in a stream or waterfall, you will smell the essence of the flowers, see the bright colors, eat the fruits growing in your garden and feel the plants’.

Informal Gardens

When you see a garden built within an existing marquee of trees, that is when you have seen an informal garden. These trees are used as a starting point to create the plan for the garden, they can be used as a direction to create a walk path within the garden. Then the rest of the empty spaces can be filled with plants that do not need sunlight. A small area for pond can put a brilliant touch to finish the garden off.

To summarise you need to keep open to the various opportunities available for you, do not do what your neighbors are doing, do what you want to do. At the end of the day only you can decide on your dream garden, it does not have to be either a informal or formal garden design. It comes down to personal taste and what you would love to be in your garden. All you need is just your imagination.