If you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, don’t panic upon seeing all the swollen red marks on your body. Instead, try to relax and expect some allergic reactions to happen. If the reaction is mild (in my case I nearly fainted due to difficulty in breathing), you probably don’t need to go and see a doctor for treatment. Instead, simple medicines such as calamine lotion and anesthetic cream can do the job.

There are 2 ways to use calamine lotion to fight the bug. The first way is to apply calamine lotion before going to sleep. I’ve tried this before and it worked brilliantly. Bed bugs somehow hate the smell and the chemicals present in calamine lotion. Apply the lotion to the exposed part of your body such as your face, arms and legs. Although you still can be bitten, chances are the number of swollen marks will be significantly reduced. When I applied this method, I always checked the following morning to find any marks on my body. The most that I found was one or two bites, that’s it. Much much better than finding the whole body full of red swollen marks

The second way to use calamine lotion is, of course, apply it to the swollen marks when you realize that you’ve been bitten by the bed bugs. Applying calamine lotion on the marks will reduce the itchy feelings so you can hold yourself more from scratching and making it worse. It helps to reduce the swelling of the bitten area. You’ll feel less irritated and it takes less time for the pain to go away. I, of course, prefer prevention than cure. So if you know that your place is infested with bed bugs, it’d be better for you to apply the lotion before going to bed rather than letting the bed bugs bite you and treating the bites afterward.

Some people suggested washing the bed bug bites using antiseptic soap and water to prevent infection. I don’t prefer this method to treat the bites as it made my skin felt more irritated when making contact with water and soap. I’d still prefer calamine lotion over soap to treat the bed bug bites. If you still want to use soap, do it at your own risk. You’ve been warned!

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